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About Group

Haj Sami Abbas Al-Abed & Sons Group

Iraq.. the land of Tigris and the Euphrates.. the Cradle of the human civilization which bestowed upon humans great achievements as the cuneiform writing and the first codes on this Planet. It was the center of the whole world during the Abbasid Era. From Iraq, sciences and arts spread to the whole world. It has become the bridge for all the humanity.

    Now Baghdad has become proud of its past and its promising future. The present is the product of men, hard work and constant development. These cannot be achieved save by the good work and zest of faithful men.. Their deep sense of commitment to work and their deep belief in their know-how, strength and efficacy.

     More than fifty years before, in 1955 to be exact, Haj Sami Al-Abed Group was established with the sincere efforts and hard work of its faithful men. This Group now consists of eighteen companies with different commercial, industrial, agricultural and service specialties. The Group is run by a Board of Directors consisting of the sons of the late Haj Sami Abbas al-Abed:

:: Board of Directors ::

 Ahmed Sami Al-Abed        Ghazi Sami Al-Abed
 Faisal Sami Al-Abed    Abbas Sami Al-Abed    Abdul Wahab Sami Al-Abed

Haj Sami Al-Abed & Sons Group HQ is located in the heart of Baghdad. It contains all the management sections and departments that provide the sites with the necessary work force and production requirements that maintains the sustainability of work.

Factories and farms of the Group spread all over the provinces of Iraq, depending on the requirements of the existing projects, availability of labor, raw materials, appropriate environment and the type of production.

Company HQ:

Baghdad- Mansour District, Baghdad – Al Mansour, Alzuhour Sq..
Quarter: 617, St. 19, No. 154