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Al-Rihab Factory for Sanitary Paper

Al-Ryhab Factory produces the sanitary paper and toilet paper (kleenix) at different sizes and with different trade marks. 

Factory Objective:

It is a promising industrial project established under the Industrial Investment Code of the Private and Mixed sectors, No. 25, of 1991.

It is specialized in producing the sanitary paper at different usages and sizes. Each paper packet contains an additional paper package to make pulling the first paper easier. Size of the paper, number of papers and trademark shall all be written on the box. The trademarks shall be: al-Rihab, Al-Ryhana, Al-Mirjana, and Dina, which are all duly registered trademarks. The factory also produces toilet paper and table paper. 

the Factory: is located in al-Anbar Province, Faluja City, the Industrial City.