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(Aysar) Alam al-Luhum for Food Co. Ltd.

Alam al-Luhum Company along with Al-Fanya (Technical) Company are specialized in the processing and production of various animal and agricultural products.

Moreover, we can summarize the activities of the Company in the following: 

- Performs all business activities relative to dealing with meat products to serve the national economy.

- Purchase, rent, lease or mortgage factories necessary to realize the purposes of the Company.

- Possesses movable and immovable assets for the purposes of the Company.

- Performs all industrial and commercial activities, including, but not limited to, impguort and exports of raw materials inside and outside Iraq.

- The Company has the right to import all the essential equipments and machines and to export any surplus in its production.

Company HQ:

Baghdad- Mansour District, 14-Ramadan Street, Haj Sami Building.

The factory: is located in al-Anbar Province, Faluja, Tourist Lake Road, near  Al-Reem refrigerators.