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Al-Fayha Cattle Farm and Station Co. Ltd.

Al-Fayha Co. occupies 7000 dunum. It contains around 2000 cow and large areas of green land adjunct to the farm.

    Al-Fayha Co. is run by high technological and modern techniques and is planning to establish other farms to bread other kinds of cattle and poultry. Moreover, it is planning to establish slaughter houses, fisheries, incubators, poultry slaughter houses, and cooled warehouses, and to increase the green areas.

Company objectives:

The company wants to contribute in the growth and development of the National economy in the field of the agricultural and animal production, production of milk, diary products, meat and different kinds of crops in conformity with the national development plans.

Company Activities, in brief:

 - Utilization and investment of the station and its areas to breed cows to produce milk, diary products and meat. For this purpose, the Company now owns 1700 head of cows, and 5000 of lambs. It adopts the best modern technologies in this respect.

 - Establishment of other farms and stations to breed different kinds of cattle, including poultry to provide all the animal products to the population.

 - Establishment of fisheries.

 - Establishment of slaughter houses and incubators \needed for poultry breeding.

 - Establishment of cooled warehouses to preserve the meat and diary products and other agricultural products.

- Cultivating lands to provide the fodder for the animals in the station. This would include the green and the dry fodder. The Company now owns around 48000 dunum part of which is irrigated by running water and 44 dunum are irrigated by sprayers, each sprayer covering 300 dunum. The Company now is self efficient for it owns today around 70 agricultural vehicles and machine, It also prepares and reforms the lands, spread seeds, and fertilizers and harvest without renting any mechanisms.

 - The Company undertakes the marketing, exporting its products, and importing the raw materials, veterinary medicines and vaccines, packaging the materials, purchasing and renting all means of transport machines and agricultural instruments.

 - The Company can rent and purchase the agricultural estates to serve its purposes and requirements.

Company HQ:

Baghdad- Mansour District, 14-Ramadan Street, Haj Sami Building.

 Al-Fayha Farm & station is located in Babel Province, near Jabla and there is another site in Al-Anbar Province.