Sami Abbas Al-Abed and Sons Group
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Al-Sultan for Juice & Dairy Products

Al-Sultan is one of the factories of Haj Sami Al-Abed & Sons Group

Al-Sultan produces natural fruit juices at different flavors along with different fresh diary products.

Al-Sultan contributes to serve the national economy by providing the domestic market with various types of natural fruit juices produced with high technology and standards, in conformity with the national development.

Al-Sultan is a huge and an integrated industrial project specialized in producing and distribution of various types of juices and diary products. It owns number of offices, which undertake to distribute the products to all parts of Iraq.

Al-Sultan buys and imports various machines, equipments, tools, spare parts and the necessary raw materials, the wholly or partially processes, to satisfy its needs and production in the best way possible. Moreover, it participates in all types of governmental tenders and undertakings, opens the necessary stores and warehouses to satisfy the its requirements.

Company's HQ:

Baghdad- Mansour Distrct, 14-Ramadan Street, Haj Sami Buildingh.

Factory: Baghdad- Abu Gareib Dist., Nrar al-Nahya.