Sami Abbas Al-Abed and Sons Group
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Al-Musbah for Animal & Agricultural Production

This Company is located about 400 kilometers from Baghdad. It mainly deals with cultivating the strategic crops in addition to the seasonal crops.

Al-Musbah is growing large areas of lands plus lamb breeding.

Company Objective:

Al-Musbah aims at enhancing the economic sector in the country in accordance with the national development plans.

Company activities:

- Performing the agricultural activities, production of seasonal crops, and animal and pottery breading and marketing.

- The Company can buy, use right, utilize, lands and farms, including treating , dividing and investing them.

- The Company can buy and import all kinds of cereals, seeds, equipments and machines that serves the purposes and requirements if the Company. This may include the export of raw materials, export of production surplus after collecting the essential permits from the concerned authorities.

- The Company has the right to own movable and immovable assets, real estates, warehouses and lands to realize its objectives.

Company HQ:

Baghdad- Mansour District, 14-Ramadan Street, Haj Sami Building.

The Farm is located in al-Anbar Province, Rutba.