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Al-Maha for Distribution Co.

Due to the growing need of Iraq to various agricultural, industrial and servical projects, the Group was motivated to establish Al-Maha Company to import, export and distribution of various goods and products to satisfy the increasing needs of the Iraqi consumer.

Company Objective:

To distribute high quality and well-known local and international food stuffs with distinctive services to all parts of the Country, as for example: 

- Foster Clerk Co. from Malta.

The Saudi Safola Company , which Al-MAha undertakes to distribute their products (like, Afya cooking oil, Al-Arabi sunflower cooking oil) to all parts of Iraq.

- The Australian Rice Cruiser Company, which al-Maha is now distributing its well-known (Sun White) rice inside iraq.

- The Saudi Company for Foodstuffs and Pastry, which al-Maha is distributing its Al-Sunbula and Al-Shifaa products.

- Wisely International Company, which al-Maha is distributing its shaving razors and shaving pastes.

- The Saudi Al-Muheidab Company for Foodstuffs which al-Maha is distributing its well known products , as "Mudyaf" rice, "Banjabi Muheidab" rice, "Al-Ayla Tea" and others. 

Moreover, Al-Maha owns a factory for rice preparation producing rice, type Anbar , holding the trademark of "al-Nafees", which is considered one the best types of rice in the Iraqi market. 

Al-Maha has built a good reputation for itself due to the high quality of products it provides to the Iraqi market, and to adopting innovative and modern methods and techniques in marketing its variant products by utilizing every channel of whole or retail selling to help its products get into every supermarket, restaurants, hotels and ration companies. For this purpose, al-Maha owns a fleet of various types of vehicles, vans, and pick-ups to distribute its products to the right place at the right time. Moreover, the Company owns large cooled and dry warehouses in Baghdad, albsrah, Mosul, Suleimanya and other parts of Iraq. 

Al-Maha, strongly believes that the good and effective marketing campaigns would largely contribute to marketing its products to all provinces of Iraq. It exerts large efforts to support its agents, holding contests, distribute prizes and gives presents, incentives, certificates of merit, and holds continuous interviews and meetings with its agents and consumers to review their opinions in this respect, and discuss means of developing the work in order to encourage the end user, and launches large promotional campaigns, and commercials to raise the awareness of the consumer.

The Company owns several agents in most provinces of Iraq as in Baghdad, Basrah, Mosul, Kerbala, Najaf, Irbil, Kerkuk, Suleimanya, Al-Anbar, and Wasit. 

 The Company employs large team of promoters and sales representatives who serve such agents, and who arrange and organize these products to make it easier for the consumer to reach for them through certain sale outlets. For this purpose, the Company cares for displaying its products in an attractive way, and advertising them by using procures, posters which are placed in distinctive places in the selling centers. Moreover, the Company's teams hold free tasting campaigns for the public to introduce the Company's various products and help the consumer (especially , housekeepers) to take the right decision concerning buying its products. 

Al-Maha has several future plans to expand its activities in the Iraqi Market. Its organizational structure contains several departments and sections with huge financial abilities and managerial potentialities to run, Marketing & Sales, Accountings, Studies & Development, Computer dept., Human resources, Warehouses & Quality Control, in addition to the senior management.

Company's HQ:

Baghdad- Mansour District, 14-Ramadan Street, Haj Sami Buildingh.