Sami Abbas Al-Abed and Sons Group
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Al-Ryhana Flour Mill Plant - Najaf

Company Objective:

Encouraging the private capital in the industrial development within Industry in Iraq, to develop this field and other aspects in the national economy in conformity with the plans of the industry development in cereal Grinding.

This plant is one of the outstanding plants in Iraq as regarding the supply. It is of a Bohler origin (Switzerland) with a production capacity of 250 Ton/min./day.

Company activities:

The company undertakes to grind all types of flour. The Company can buy and own movable assets, as real estates, equipments, factories and raw materials. 

Company HQ:

Baghdad- Mansour District, 14-Ramadan Street, Haj Sami Building, Close to Hamra Pastry. 

Factory: Najaf Province, Najaf City. Close to the Silo.