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Al-Reem Cold Store Rooms Co.

Al-Reem Company was established to undertake the storage and preservation of the diversified animal and agricultural production which needs huge coolers. The mother Company established Al-Reem to solve this problem; to store, package, and classify these products, including classifications, cleaning, packaging and storing fruits and vegetables.

The Company undertakes to cut the meat products and package them in bags, then marketing the stored products. The Capacity of such huge coolers amounts to 14 thousands ton, distributed in al-Anbar and Kerkuk provinces.

Company objectives:

To serve the national economy by providing various agricultural service in accordance with the National development Plans.

Company Activities:

-  Preserving and storing the agricultural and animal products in cold warehouses and cleaning, packaging, storing and marketing of fruits and vegetables, cutting, packaging and marketing of meat products.

-  The Company owns and rents movable and immovable assets, as real estates, raw materials required in its activities. Moreover, it has the right to sell, mortgage such assets, when necessary.

-  The Company participates in all tenders and bids it deems appropriate and necessary to develop its activities.

-  The Company imports the required equipments, machines raw materials and anything it deems necessary for its activities and may export the surplus in its products abroad.

Company HQ:

Baghdad- Mansour District, 14-Ramadan Street, Haj Sami Building, Close to Hamra Pastry.

The Center of Refrigerators are located in :

- Al-Anbar Province, Falluja city, the road of the tourist lake. With a capacity ranging between 6000-8000 Ton (cooling/freezing)

- Kerkuk with a capacity ranging between 4000-6000 Ton (cooling/freezing).