Sami Abbas Al-Abed and Sons Group
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United Iraqi for Gypsum Co. Ltd.

This Company owns a large factory for Gypsum and rock and Gypsum masses production in Anbar Province.
Company Objective:

Encouraging the Industrial development and the national wealth in the country. This plant is of a French origin with a capacity of 500 ton/day.
Company activities:

The company undertakes to produce Gypsum, holding the trademark of “al-Malej”, along with the Gypsum and rock masses. 
The Company imports and purchases different kinds of material to realize its objectives. 
The Company is willing to participate in all tenders and bids which may realize the objectives and serves the purposes of the Company.
Company HQ:

Baghdad- Mansour District, 14-Ramadan Street, Haj Sami Building.
 Factory: al-Njaf Province, Najaf City. Close to the Cement Factory.

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